1.4_Chemistry in Context

Ini adalah komunitas tertutup. Anda dapat mengakses semua materi belajar, diskusi, kuis, dan tugas setelah bergabung dengan komunitas ini dan dosen pengampu akan mengesahkan keanggotaan Anda.

Tujuan Pembelajaran

Ilustrasi tujuan pembelajaran

  • Chemistry in Context did not teach chemistry in isolation from people and the real-world issues they were facing. Similarly, it did not introduce a fact or concept for the sake of “covering it” as part of the curriculum.
  • Rather, Chemistry in Context carefully matched each chemical principle to a real-world issue such as air quality, energy, or water use.
  • Each was introduced on a need-to-know basis; that is, at the point in the book at which there was a demonstrated need for the principle.
  • Most importantly, the book presented chemistry in the context of significant social, political, economic, and ethical issues.
  • The word "context" derives from the Latin word meaning “to weave.”
  • The spider web motif on the Chemistry in Context cover exemplifies the complex connections that can be woven between chemistry and society.
  • In the absence of the real-world issues, there could be no Chemistry in Context .
  • Similarly, without teachers and students who were willing (a
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