Biologi Umum (PN)_ IDR

Ini adalah komunitas tertutup. Anda dapat mengakses semua materi belajar, diskusi, kuis, dan tugas setelah bergabung dengan komunitas ini dan dosen pengampu akan mengesahkan keanggotaan Anda.

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BIO_Umum (B) - Agriculture -UGM

Code BIO 1000

Students Of Agr.Fac. can understand not only the principles of modern science in Biology but also the processes and the ethical implications that go with them. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) provides a cross-curricular link between different subjects and stimulates thought and consideration of these issues.The study of Biology has a vital part to play in the future of the world. It is crucial to understanding our planet, the effect human activities have on it and how the organisms which live on it will survive in the future.