International Business IUP

Ini adalah komunitas tertutup. Anda dapat mengakses semua materi belajar, diskusi, kuis, dan tugas setelah bergabung dengan komunitas ini dan dosen pengampu akan mengesahkan keanggotaan Anda.

Tujuan Pembelajaran

After the completion of the course, students are expected to be able to:

  1. Identify and describe basic concept, theory and technique in the field of international business.
  2. Develop sensitivity and ability to scan the environmental forces that impacting the international organization life.
  3. Discuss and compare different models and approaches to understanding the firm, evaluating these in the context of the international business environment, and exploring the impact of key environmental factors on decision making and international organizational behavior.
  4. Understand and critically evaluate alternative theories of international strategy and competencies and international competitive advantage
  5. Discuss and compare the different entry methods to international market.
  6. Identify the sources of export counseling and explain why firms export and problem areas of exporting
  7. Understand and critically evaluate why there are differences between domestic and international marketing.
  8. Understand the organ
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