Introduction to Internatio...

Ini adalah komunitas tertutup. Anda dapat mengakses semua materi belajar, diskusi, kuis, dan tugas setelah bergabung dengan komunitas ini dan dosen pengampu akan mengesahkan keanggotaan Anda.

Tujuan Pembelajaran

Ilustrasi tujuan pembelajaran

Welcome, students! This course serves as an introduction to international relations. It provides the students with basic knowledge and understanding required by more advanced courses in international relations. In addition to serving as a foundation to more advanced courses, the course is also intended to assist the students to make sense of what going on in the real world of international relations. For that purpose, the course is divided into three components: first, the essence and the nature of international relations; second, different ways of knowing international relations; and finally, salient issues in the contemporary international relations.

By the end of the course the students should have the basic academic capacity, competence and skills necessary for more advanced and specialized courses in international relations. They should also be able to understand and explain different phenomena of international relations from distinctive ways of knowing and their significance to

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