2018_Principle of Crop Protection_ALan Soffan PhD

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This lecture provides students with principles and best practices of crop protection, decision making proces based on the ecosystem analysis, and selection of the technology that can be applied in the field. Lectures are divided into three main parts. Fisrt part discusses the definition and historical perpectives of plant protection and classification of harmful organisms; the second part deals with methods to recognize the type of pests and plant diseases, methods of observations in the field, and ecosystem analysis as the base for selecting technology; and the last part discusses the principle of Integrated Pest Management, and its implementation in different crops.



Dear All my student,

Tomorrow morning, there will be another exam for our class. Prepare nicely but don't forget to take enough rest. The questions will be only related to those material which had been uploaded and available in ELISA.
It will be CLOSED Book, but don't worry it is going to be easy.
The key success for my class is having fresh and open mind.

Good luck
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Dear All student, I am very happy to be part of your future. Understanding agriculture particularly crop protection is essential to sharpen your thought how to build a great nation. Great nation will make this world getting better and better...so keep up

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