Welcome to Brand Management discussion room!

In accordance to Rector's decision to apply Lockdown to the entire UGM, related to COVID-19 pandemic, starting from Thursday, 19 Maret 2020, Brand Management class will be held online through this discussion room.

Below are some of the most basic rules of the groups, and how the class will be done.

1. You must log on to the community according to the existing schedule, and leave a comment of 'present' on the attendance thread in each particular session.

2. To ensure that the learning objectives are achieved despite the lack of class session, I may give you extra assignment or quizz.

3. Unless I inform you otherwise, assignments must be submitted before the class' schedule AT THE APPROPRIATE SUBMISSION CHANNEL BY THE RIGHT COLUMN ON EACH WEEK. If you are late, for inconveniencing me and Mutia, there will be deduction on your grade.

4. I will also open and manage discussion regarding each topics, in which I expect your participation. Discussion will be held for an entire week, until the day before the next class session. You may leave questions or responding to your friends' questions or comments, and I will reply you within no later than a day.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay learning, AND STAY AT HOME