English for Biology 2019 (Class D)

Capaian Pembelajaran

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[Assignment Reminder]

Dear Students, don't forget to submit your "Poster Project" group assignment before the deadline.

One of the team members can upload it through ELISA.

Presentation order will be picked up randomly, so be prepared to present your poster!

Dear Students, regarding the Mid-Term Exam, there is some information that you might need to take notes:

1. For those who have met the required score for ACEPT/IELTS/TOEFL, you STILL NEED TO ATTEND the exam and bring a copy of your certificate! You would need to sign the attendance sheet, but you don't need to answer the questions. To submit your English certification score, please fill in this form http://ugm.id/efbd2019submitscore.
Students who have met the required score:
- NIU 441314

2. You might want to take a look at the RPKPS file (week 1) which contains detailed information about the "Capaian Pembelajaran Mata Kuliah" (CPMK). The Mid-Term Exam will cover:
- CPMK 2: Reading Strategy
- CPMK 5: Describing a Process
- CPMK 6: Paraphrasing & Summarizing
- CPMK 7: Interpreting Graphs

3. There are example questions in the RPKPS for 2018 class. Mind that the questions asked in this year might not be similar to the previous exam. You can prepare by reading the materials provided or exercise using TOEFL/IELTS example questions.

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