International Law (IUP) - Drs. Usmar Salam, MIS

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The main purpose of International Law class is to give students an understanding about international law from political point of view, by using conceptual framework of justice. Is justice applicable in international relations? To what extend, the concept of justice could influence the important actors’ behaviour in international politics? Or in another word, what is the impact of international law to the practice of international politics? This concern comes from the hope that any solutions to adress various international problems such as war, limitation on weapon of mass destruction, international trade, border disputes, etc. must uphold the principle of justice in order to be accepted by all parties involved.

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Do not forget that today we will conduct a final quiz at 12.00 in BA 204. Good luck and see you soon!

Dear class, according to latest information from Pak Usmar, we decided to postpone our makeup class until mid-term period has ended. We'll continue the class after mid-term exams had finished. We are very sorry to let the information unclear. Thank you for your attention & good luck for your exam.


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