Kewirausahaan Berbasis Teknologi (Teknik Fisika-Kelas B)

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it's time you add some people to your team. This will help you collaborate and consult others on specific steps of your project—they can be your co-founders, team members, investors, advisors, accelerator staff or anyone else. You can also choose who has write or read-only access:

1. Go to your project.

2. Click the Manage members button to get to the members page.

3. Add new members using their email, and assign them a role and permission (admin, write or read).

4. Once they confirm their account, they can access your project. They don't need to pay for a plan as long as they're guests on your project.

5. Schedule your first work session (2 hours max) with them and fill in the conclusions to each step, then you can review everything (and print it) on your Export/Print project page.


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