Sylabus: Sub TOPIC: Legal reform in Asia and Indonesia
SUBJECT: Law and Politic

Lecture: Sri Wiyanti Eddyono

This session discusses about the legal reform in Asia and Indonesia which lead by different interests that includes capital and market interests. The topic is designed to discuss different examples in order to reflect about the political agenda of legal reform in Indonesia.
There are two part: the first part discussed on the legal reform in Asean from critical perspective and how this links to Indonesia agenda on legal reform. The second part provides specific process of legal reform for the specific theme, that is the advocacy of the legal equality policy in Indonesia.

The learning outcomes
1. The participants are able to analyse the legal reasoning behind the the establishment of new law.
2. The participants are able to identify the main factors and political interest in different law advocacy for legal reform in Indonesia.

1. Kanaisha Jayasuriya, 2006, Introduction: a framework for the analysis of legal institutions in East Asia in LAW, Kanaisha Jayasuriya (edit), Capitalism and Power in Asia, the Rule of law and legal institutions. Roudlege: London and New York.

2. Kertas Kebijakan RUU Cipta Kerja, FH UGM available to be downloaded at

3. Sri Wiyanti Eddyono et al, 2016, When and Why the State Responds to Women’s Demands: Understanding Gender Equality Policy Change in Indonesia, available at

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