MII1211 Programming II (IUP) - Wahyono

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Programming II is a core compulsory subjects which are the continuation from subjects Programming I. This course gives knowledge and skills to the students, so they can analyze the problem, design algorithms and determine data structures that suitable to get computer program with good structured and more efficient. The students should have some idea of how to work out the efficiency of an algorithm, though we won't cover detailed formal analysis. The students will be able to use, and design linked data structures but appreciate why it is good programming style to hide the details of a data structure within an abstract data type. 


Dear Students,

Here is the information of our schedule changes:

Thursday, 19 April (08:00) --> Wednesday, 25 April (08:00)
Thursday, 3 May (08:00) --> Wednesday, 9 May (08:00)

In addition, you will be also having tutorial which will be taught by Assistant:
Thursday, 3 May at 13:30
Thursday, 24 May at 13:30

Thank you.

Dear student,

As discussed in the class, we will not have class on March 22, 2018. The class will be changed to March 15 around 13:30 PM. So, at March 15, we will have two sessions, the morning session a 07:30-10:00 and the afternoon session 13:30-15:00.


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