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Content :

Basic Definition of semigroup, Monoid, Subsemigroup, Ideals, Natural order, Partially ordered Semigroup, Green’s equivalence, Homomorphism of semigroups, regular element, idempotent element, inverse element, generalized invers, Semigrup Quotien Semigroup, Regular semigroup, Inverse semigroup, Ortodox semigroup, Semilattice, Band, Applications of Semigroup. 

After completing this course the students should have:

CO.1. Ability to identify the structure of semigroups in many areas of algebra 

CO.2. Ability to prove the fundamental properties of homomorphisms

CO.3. Ability to prove the elementary properties of Green’s relatoins (Equivalence).

CO.4. Ability to identify some kind of special semigroup

CO.5. Ability

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